About Us

LoveGaloree started as a wedding decor hobby, stemming from making items for my wedding that was approaching. It was the epitome of all things love. Fast forward to after the wedding, I sat and thought of ways to incorporate other things I loved into a creative, fresh business.  A lot of those things had to do with cartoons, Marvel superheroes, 90's sitcoms and themes and of course, love.      

At LoveGaloree, we specialize in a 90's vibe and look in our artwork. We consider it a base of inspiration of our style. We provide top-of-the-line creative art in almost any medium imaginable. From custom apparel to canvas art, and everything in between, you desire it, we can create it. We take our time and use immense amounts of attention to detail to make sure every product is of the best quality for our customers. From a single item to bulk orders, there's nothing we can't handle. Get with us today and let's do it for the love of the culture!"

                                                                               -Naomi, Owner and Head Artist