The Marathon Must Continue!

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So as most of you may know, on March 31st, we lost rapper Nipsey Hussle (Ermias Asghedom) in a tragic way. If you are anything like me, you heard of him in the past and may have heard a few songs before, but couldn't really call yourself a fan of his music. Even without being a fan of his music, I was a fan of his character, a fan of the love displayed between his love and him, and a fan of his smile. This past 2 weeks has took most of the black community, and those not apart of it, by storm. All the details behind the murder, speculations, conspiracy theories, and even disrespectful comments have all surfaced. Almost everyone is in mourning. This passing just feels....different. Most can't explain why, it just does. 

I, for one, promised to stay away from the bombard of social media posts on this day in particular, Nipsey's memorial. And of course, I caught myself wiping away tears after hearing all of the beautiful things that people had to say about Nipsey. Things like this are just too much to handle at times, I can't begin to imagine the pain felt by his loved ones. The conversations being had with his children, and most of all laying down at night and your love not being next to you. As a wife, I cant imagine, I cant fathom losing "my peace". We, at LoveGaloree, send up prayers for Lauren London and his loved ones in this time. May they find peace.

Some may see Nipsey as just a man, and that he was, but the type of man he was is what should be honored.  Many know Nipsey for his music, but he was so much more. A simple Google search will show you all that he did, the impact that he made, the peace he had about him and the calm that he exuded. The man that he was will be missed, greatly. The legacy he created, will continue. The wisdom he gave, won't fade. May Ermias rest peacefully. We got this. The marathon will continue. 

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