Coming to the Stageee.... LoveGaloree!!!

Posted by Naomi Durant-Lyons on

*signal applause*  Welcome to our first real blog post! First I would like to say, I hope that this blog helps you, informs you, loves on you and becomes a favorite! Now lets get to it. 

The purpose of this first post is to introduce LoveGaloree and provide just a little backstory. So, LoveGaloree started November of 2017 from a random idea of selling things that I love. Being a 90's baby ('91 to be exact), of course I grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, Burger King toys, old school hip hop, and a bunch of other dope 80's-90's themes.  I've always found myself doodling and drawing Looney Tunes characters and the cast of Rugrats as a teenager. So one day I asked myself (at the old age of 26 lol), "Yo! what have you been doing all of these years? You have a talent, yet you don't even use it!" And long story short, after yelling at myself a little longer, LoveGaloree was born. So boom! LoveGaloree is a compilation of the things loved by a inner city, artistic, hip hop loving, cartoon watching, scatterbrained 90's baby. 

Now don't get me wrong, all ages are welcome here in Loveland. We have apparel and pieces for the "woke" teen and adult. Sprinkles of items for the bawses and bawse ladies. A whole lotta black love in there and even some current, trendy things. LoveGaloree is all about love, love for one another, love for what brings you happiness and as always Love for the culture! Expect to see alot more with this blog, behind the scenes peeks, fashion tips, guest writers, meet the team and all of that jazz. Stick around to learn more about LoveGaloree and the journey we are embarking on!

                                                          For the love of the culture,


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  • I love the 90s and can not wait to see the cool art and designs you come out with!

    Brandon Lyons on

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