Black History Month is Coming!

Posted by Naomi Durant-Lyons on

           So you guys know whats coming up right? Black History Month of course! Weeeee Ready!! *pep rally vibes* Now don't get me wrong, for a proud Black woman, black history is errrrday! But I will still acknowledge the month dedicated to celebrating all the melanin coated greatness. Just to let you know, this post won't be a history lesson or even have those "Did you know.." vibes, because by all means you already know! Black History and the achievements connected run deep and go further back than some of us even realize. Our history is so rich and expands so far and wide. A lot of things African Americans have invented, made popular and so on and so forth have been attributed to someone else. But that doesn't mean we didn't do it. We are amazing, simply put. 
         Imagine what the world would be like without those who paved the way? The Martin Luther King's, Malcolm X's, and even modern day people like Maxine Waters. We are facing times right now very reminiscent of when we weren't accepted and hung in the streets for everyone to see. As I type this message, we are in the midst of a government shutdown fueled by a president that wants to build a wall to stop other human beings in need from seeking that help here. The fight for equality and what is right seems to be never-ending. Prayers up for those fighting daily and those affected.

          Here at LoveGaloree, we plan to keep speaking on and representing those who made it possible for us to be able to operate as a Black-owned business. Those that encouraged us intentionally and unintentionally. We are releasing a new collection on our site that will hopefully stay as our ode to black culture. The collection will drop on Martin Luther King Jr Day (February 21st) and will feature tees dedicated to those icons. The "Icon Collection" is our personal love letter to our heroes and some of yours too. Be sure to check out and support a #blackbusiness during the coming month and beyond. 



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